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I am requesting the assistance of the people who read my blog!

My next mission for the Fiesta Movement, as I mentioned before, is to pick a few items from SkyMall and review them in a video. I have been looking through the website, but I have been struggling to find items that strike a good balance between funny/interesting/useful/something I will want to own after the video is filmed and whatnot. I want the items to be fun, and something that would make an interesting video. And not something stupid like a large inflatable crocodile or something.

Sooo, I am going to give you the link to the online store, and if any of you want to peruse SkyMall for me to help find items you think are fun or want to see me use and review in a video, I would LOVE to read your suggestions in the comments. I am going to be ordering the items probably this weekend or early next week.

I need at least three items and they cant exceed $500 in price.

I just thought it would be fun to let you guys be involved in the item selection for this mission.

The SkyMall online store is here.

Thank you!

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