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New-Age Sedan Revolution (

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[welcome] Just seeing who is coming over to from the Sedan Revolution. Let's hope comes back! This also leads me to think of buying a Fiesta[woot]
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I better see a SR member tomorrow! LOL[B)]
Would you be going for the Sedan Fiesta when it comes out ... ??

BOO SEDANS! Hatches RULE!!![headbang]
Would you be going for the Sedan Fiesta when it comes out ... ??

^I guess! But, I would go hatch w/fiesta[;)]
BUMP for the new guys!
well.... SR 127 checking in then [hihi]

LOL @ Fiesta Sedan..... it'd probably look like the Yaris sedan (sucks BTW)
White sedan #101 is here.
^^ X3

This is our makeshift shelter for SR if people would actually get their butts in here :B

I'm looking at this lovely POS specimen of an escort. it wouldn't look all that bad if I got a GT grille, cut the bumper a bit to make those headlights flush/even and then paint the whole car black [:)] I dunno what to do lol, I could so do it right now though. Let's hope it stays up for sale for another week or two and I'll be having me another car :)

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as cool as your swap would be in the focus mike Id rather see it in that escort.
That escort looks to be in pretty good shape ... a little TLC and it will be good to go.

Ah yes, I looked, drove, and took care of one of those engines for 14 years and 186,000+ miles.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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