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New Fiesta Sighting!

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I was on a sales call a few weeks back in San Carlos CA and came across a truck and trailer with three Fiestas on it. I went back thi week and it was still there! I had to stop an take some pics this time. As you can see tho there was only two Fiesta on the trailer this time.

Sorry about the cel phone pics, the blackberry dosent take very good pics.

I think this may answer some questions, It sure looks like 4x108.
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I see alot cause I drive all day long.
It's not luck steve ... it's Marketing.

Cali is just a place that has a variety of people with a variety of opinions and almost of the new things that come out get tested there for how well the rest of the WORLD will react to new technology.

Plus the celebs then get a first hand look at things there and can decide on what product they would like to help push.

norcalfocus01 ... nice find. Was there any one there to ask questions of?

And dangit ... you should have had a small ruler in your car ... Oh well. Maybe you are right about the 4x108 ... but the offset is the next question to be answered.

Hate the decals.
no one to talk to, they were just parked out there in a home cheapo lot. The silver looked better but the other one is the better model.
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