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Hello all,

I just purchased a 2015 Escape S, and I am looking to replace the tires on it and go with a performance option that will also give me good winter handling, as I live in Michigan and we see some nasty winters. I would prefer not to have to switch between winter and summer tires. I have the 17" wheels, so tire size is 235/55R17. I was wondering if anyone had tried these Nokian WRG3 tires out on their Escape's?

I see that these tires carry the severe weather emblem, but also are meant to be run year round and perform well during the summer months. I was told they also carry a 55,000 mile warranty, which I think is pretty solid, since I would imagine it has to be a softer rubber compound to give the winter performance. I was hoping for some feedback and advice if anyone had any on the WRG3's. Nokian's site breaks down some technical aspects, but you can only tell so much from a company release. First hand knowledge is always nice to hear. I also found them at $193/tire at, which seems to be a pretty nice price point. They originally gave me some background knowledge on the tire, but again, first hand experience and knowledge from someone with the tire on the vehicle is really what I am looking for.

I really appreciate any feedback or experience anyone can provide. I am hoping to have a set ordered one way or the other within a week or so. Thanks!
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