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Olsburg looking to expand to US.

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Not sure if any of you are familiar with the Swedish company olsberg, but they make performance parts such as heads, headers, cams, etc. Several of the US rally drivers that have been playing around with the fiesta have been closely working with them. Not sure if they have released a statement or not. They were one of the main sponsors of the Pikes Peak Fiesta.

They seem to make reliable parts. Especially pushing these engines to 800HP on 50 pounds of boost. If the market's going to look cheap for the fiesta, I may have to buy one.

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I can't find a good webpage showing what Olsbergs has to offer. Do they sell direct or only through distributors? Does anyone know of a US or UK distributor?

Their parts were certainly impressive on the Pikes Peak cars!
I have a feeling they will put up links once the Fiestas hit the showroom floors.

Yea, I don't believe they make any parts for any other US-spec car. Therefore its probably not a .com or something.
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