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Performance Modifications

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As the car is so new here in the US. Anyone see any intakes, exhaust, etc for the 1.6 list them here.

I'm curious to see what aftermarket support this car gets.
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Hopefully Roush will be selling some of their aftermarket parts from overseas here.
That would be sweet! Putting power down in a 3 pound car! lol I think that after I graduate I am going to buy a Fiesta as my comuter car adn turbo the ol' focus.
^i would love to do that. Hell, turbo both of em.
If the planets align correctly, then I will be able to buy a 1.6L TDI Fiesta. Gotta love them diesels, more air you can get in the better power! No worries about detination, spark timing, octane ratings. Just bigger turbo and bigger injectors and you are set to burn off your tires in no time!
^very true. Maybe i can buy a fiesta, and swap in my 2.0L duratec, then turbo it, then import a 2.5T from europe for the 'cus!
TDI??? is that really comming?? i would pick one up just for gas mileage!!
^^ No clue, but that is one of the most fuel effecient options out there and with USA fuel prices going through the roof, it is possible. Plus VW is doing an expensive add campaign right now trying to get American consumers to get out of the train of thought that all diesels are black smoke spewing monsters. Hopefully Americans will realize this is an amazing technollogy and has incredible fuel milage possibilities.

And again, it has awesome power potential :)
Agree 100% , as long as you leave them stock , if you dont here "diesels are black smoke spewing monsters" lol

^^ So TurboTom ^^ Are you going to get your amazing hands on these little guys and see what can be done ... or you going to sit back and see what others have to before you really get into it?

mmmm..... diesel! I love them, and they are pretty easy/fun to work on um!
i hope to see some stuff come out for this... i couldnt even find the roush stuff that was mentioned...
ya tom, you should definitely pick one up!!! maybe fab up some amazing turbo kit for this. If its the TDI, it shouldn't be too hard right???
....... because 98% of us are .........

Steeda has made a CAI and Borla exhaust. No pics yet though.
I love Focus Fanatics- I wish there were more people on this site, too!
The Steeda car though doesn't look as good as the other companies that made a custom fiesta ... like the H&R car ... mmm nice.

I thought it was the best one (Steeda) . Oh well. That's what's cool about these forums; everyone has their own opinion and we can customize to our own style.
Agreed..^^^ I can even appreciate what someone else does with their car..Even if its not my speed...more people need to learn to chill about others mods...With the exception being when its actually dangerous.
Over here Roush/Mountune has teamed up to produce a package taking the 1.6 VCT engine found in the Zetec S variant of the car from 120PS to 140PS, so hopefully you guys might get that? Its available through your Ford dealerships and is fully warranted.
Really ... any pics of what the car looks like ... because I bet they changed the exterior looks as well as performance.

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