Ok Ford lovers, let's see the pictures of your ride. Could be a daily driver, drag car, road race or show car. Could be old or new. Is there a special story behind your ride? How long have you had it. Is it modified, if so how? Does you Ford have a name, how did it get the name?
So I'll start.
1965 Ford Mustang, bought new April 1, 1965 for my mother. Her name was Kathleen, so car is Miss Kitty. Currently has a tad over 500k miles. I inherited the car in 1988. The car spent 6 years in Germany with my parents. Hopefully I won't bore y'all with the story, but it's my pride and joy. First car I ever drove and a lot of other firsts. So I'll start at the beginning.

Picture of me and car in 1965


Car in 1988 when I inherited it.


I road raced it for a while. Not first, but not last. Was lots of fun in a stock suspension car.


Current motor, 351w stroked to 393



And the car today


So let's see your ride.