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Powershifts L stands for Fun!!!

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Just got done reading MTs review on the American Fiesta. According to them the L selection for the powershift auto trans does not stand for low stands for "lowest possible gear at current speed." What this means is the trans will not shift till you hit redline and it will also down shift when it is safe for the engine to do so if you need the extra assuming that throttle position and such is key to mastering this trans, and if your cruising along in L and you mash the peddle down to pass someone, youll be greeted with a nice downshift. Also if you left of the gas powershift will not change gears, which for anyone who drives an automatic will know sometimes this gets very annoying bc ur going to jump back up to gear anyway and it also puts more wear on the trans and hurts efficeny.

This car still needs a full manual mode with paddles, but this is welcome news to anyone who does not drive with three peddles.
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