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Projected Fiesta Fuel Economy

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So what are we going to be looking at for fuel economy from this car? Looked theru the forum here briefly but didn't see anything. Pretty good looking ride and I hope it fares better than the Focus introduction. Is the car going to be made in America?
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if im not mistaken one of the agents mission was to "drive till you run out of gas" he went over 400 miles...
So, how big's the tank??
Edmunds Quote:
"This turbodiesel engine's primary appeal lies in its economy. It manages 67.3 mpg as a European average, compared with 65.7 mpg for a Toyota Prius. Its carbon dioxide emissions are excellent, too (110 g/km versus 104 for the Toyota) and there's an Econetic version on its way that emits under 100 g/km."

Lumadar, which idk if was selected to come on to this forum yet...don't know why if he wasnt is a fiesta agent and focus owner on FF. He said he's averaging about 39mpg and like at least 35mpg combined.
^^^Nice numbers for the gas engine, but the turbodiesel...[eek] [thumb]
Now you're talkin'!
thats awesome! hows that for Obama's (if i spelled it wrong... dont care) eco car plan? huh huh!! ya take that!!
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