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Remember how way back when I asked people to stand on the hood of my Fiesta? "It's fun to drive, but when it's not in motion, I find it's almost as fun to climb on as it is climb in… probably because I don't actually own it. Here's the thing though, you don't own it either." Any of this ring a bell? Anyway, now that it's been freed from the impound and is back on the street, the entries have finally started rolling in. I'll keep you posted, but so far we've got this car surfing gent…

And the amazing car licking lady…

Remember, if you see the car, jump on the hood, take a picture with your camera-phone, and send it to imonthehoodofyourfiesta at gmail. You just might win something. Oh and don't worry, I've left the instructions taped inside in the windshield in case you forget.

LINK: Fiestamovement.


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