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Rattles and Squeaks?

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I'm looking at getting rid of my 2010 VW Jetta TDI and getting a Fiesta hatchback. One of the reasons for getting rid of the Jetta with 12K miles are the dash and interior noise rattles are driving me nuts.

My 2007Yaris with 80K miles never had a rattle but this VW is the pits. I'm not sure if it's the Jetta or maybe the Mexico plant isn't up to par.

Are there any of you out there with an opinion on the Fiesta's build quality? I'll probably get an automatic.
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My Toyota had more squeeks than my 65 Corvair convertible! A very fexible car that is over 45 years old. Actually I found and fixed all the Corvairs.

My Fiesta is great. Only if I push on the part that covers the dash do I get any squeeks. (Why would anyone do that?) Also never heard anything about squeeks on other forums.

The auto trans has had move problems than it should. Hopefully it's all sorted out by now. When you test drive the auto, and you don't like how it shifts, don't get the auto. If the saleperson says it will learn how you drive and settle down, he is incorrect.

I got the manual, and would recomend it to you.
When I test drove the new fiesta, I was surprised at how quiet this car is. It's like they put some noise eliminators on the hood of the car because even on highways, the only loud sound I hear are those coming from the tires. I can safely enjoy my music without turning the volume up too loud. You should test drive one to see the difference :)
Drove Ashleys Hatch at speed and was quite impressed for a compact car...Its still new ( it has 8K) but was pretty quiet.
I've had my 2011 SE for about two months now... <2k miles. It's my commuter & gets me between Seattle & Portland for business when required.

Mechanically, it's fantastic, though the auto-clutch does take some getting used to.

The squeaks and rattles do have me concerned, especially on something so new.

1 - The steering wheel. At freeway speeds (~60mph and higher), there is a distinct rattle coming from the core of the steering wheel.

2 - Small, passenger-side window between C & D pillars. Random, sometimes heard at typical city speeds, sometimes at freeway speeds. Sometimes in stereo with the dash rattle. Oy.

3 - The dash (or somewhere around there). This is daft -- seems to only occur when the vehicle is cold (so, every morning). More or less pronounced depending on road gradient/type. Typically don't hear it when the vehicle is very warm or has been in the sun for several hours.

I look forward to driving it every day and on my trips, but when I hear those rattles... *sigh*. I can't help but think our 11 year old Odyssey doesn't even have rattles like these. In fact, it's like I'm back in my 1998 Contour which I traded in for... this?

My dealer has been fairly unresponsive, as well. They've checked the steering wheel rattle once (removed the clamshell from around the steering column). Subsequent contact has not been returned. Unfortunately, I'm busy and frankly I don't have time to deal with something that's not necessarily endangering the mechanics of the vehicle. Taking time off to get to the dealer is a pain in the a$$.

But for the money I paid, the damn thing ought to just #$&*& work and not sound like something 12 years its senior. I mean, I know it's an entry-level Ford, but I thought there was supposed to be a bit more quality in this new model.
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Almost every new car I've been in I've found some sort of an annoying noise that will drive me nuts. Not much you can do about that now except find the ones you can live with.

I bought my Focus new and it was awesomely quiet until random noises started coming in around 20k miles.
I've found and "destroyed" almost all of them; there's only one I haven't checked into yet and two I caused and have not been able to fix

Bug the dealer enough and they might fix it but the problem is having time to do it
You can always try another dealer. I am lucky enough to have 2 large dealers about equal distance from the house and a 3dr a bit further. I have no qualms going to all 3 for the same problem if one of the others is not being helpful.

Back in the 80's the local dealer could not find the source of a problem with my parents Bronco. They told them not to tow with it. We went on vacation and camping (pop-up) became hotelling. Anyway, Bronco broke down and dealer 8 hours away fixed so called unfound problem in about 2 hours.
^^ Typical Dealership talk

Just like anything else. There are good dealers, and not so good ones :(

I"m lucky, found a good one 8-10 years ago and have had a good relationship with them since.

Rattles and squueks are soooo hard to find sometimes.
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