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Review: 2010 Ford Fiesta Euro-Spec almost ready for U.S. arrival

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2010 Ford Fiesta (Euro-Spec) - Click above for high-res gallery

For longer than we can remember, words like 'cheap', 'unattractive' and 'lousy' were used to describe America's domestic offerings in the compact car segment. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler have never figured out how to make money with small cars, so the domestic trio seeming has rarely put forth the effort to create competitive compact products. And although FoMoCo had a solid player in 2000 with the introduction of the Focus, when Ford of Europe received the thoroughly revised model in 2005, customers in the States got the short end of the stick. Until now.

While the 2011 Ford Fiesta isn't the Euro-Spec Focus that we've long-admired from abroad, this compact five-door offers a compelling list of kit in a tidy package. Ford is billing it as a great looking, high-quality vehicle that just happens to inhabit a small footprint. So the Blue Oval has imbued the Fiesta with the same technology and amenities found in other larger, more expensive offerings and added a healthy dose of nippy handling and top-notch fuel economy to boot. But those attributes come at a cost that - historically - Americans haven't been willing to pay for. So is the Fiesta worth your time and hard-earned coin? It's time to find out.

Gallery: Review: 2010 Ford Fiesta (Euro-Spec)

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mmm ... it's getting closer and closer to view of the US Spec Fiesta ...

I am extatic to see it ...

4000 rpms at highway speeds? Sounds like they need a six speed for the US. Another thing in the article- who cares about armrests? My focus doesn't have a center console or anything. I prefer it that way.
^^ I agree ... to relaxed with an armrest for a driver.

How much longer till the final reveal? The suspense is killer!
The morons at Autoblog don't know what they are talking about, simple as that.

At 75 MPH I am BARELY a hair over 3,500 RPM, maybe 3,525 or 3,550.

I hit 4,000 RPM over 80 MPH. I tested this several times while driving on the freeway last night.

Typical AB bashing American products without any basis.

Furthermore, they mention a drone, which simply does not exist.

Bad review...(not the car, the reviewer)
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^^ Wow thanks for the clear up Mark ...

You should do an article for us. That would be awesome.

It sounded a little high (4k). But still, 3500 is high enough to consider another gear isn't it? Or maybe change out the gearing itself so that 5th is a little more long-legged (at least for fuel savings). Thanks, Mark.
So, when exactly is the U.S. getting the Fiesta?
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