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On May 15th I had decided to take off that day to Seattle for a bboy dance contest. I left Oakland, CA and picked up my dance crew "Termites Cru" from Stockton, CA. Imax in the passenger seat and Steven and Berna the 2 turbo twins in the back. They were very comfortable in the back but they are also only 5'2. It was a very boring ride on high way 5 passing through Redding, CA. We saw Mt. Shasta that made the trip more interesting but it seem to never get closer. 2 hours later we finally get closer to it and the tiptop of California finally got greener. Every time we had the opportunity to get a photo with the Mountain. The twins never travel and this is the 4th time they have traveled with me on my wild adventures. Once we were in Oregon it was nice fresh air. The roads became more crooked and then the car became more fun to drive. We stopped at a rest stop and we saw a roadway that was shaped like a racetrack. Imax and I took turns driving around it like driving a racecar. That was my 2nd test since the day we first received the car. I hit the sharp turn in 3rd gear and I was shocked how well the tires hugged the turns.
Imax then wanted to drive it so I can film the car from the out side. I said you can't drive stick since he drives a Honda Element. So I let him try it by me riding with him and he freaked me out. He drove faster than I did on the turns as if he thinks he is driving a drift car. He had the cheesiest smile on his face like a kids first time driving a Go-kart.***********/DSC_1180.jpg

I then shot from the out side and had him do it again. The twins in the back seat felt like they were on a rollercoaster ride. After that we took more photos and continued our road trip. The twins started now getting bored of all the same trees and by the time we got to Washington they all got excited when they saw Crispy Cream Donuts. We missed the exit so we made sure we stop by the on the way back and we did. All the Crispy Donuts are all shut down in California.

Once we made it to downtown Seattle, WA it was 16 hours of driving for me. It was about 8:30PM and they wanted to see downtown and the Space Needle. We had the hardest time trying to get back onto the freeway to find a hotel, as the city was confusing. By the time we found a hotel it was about 11:30PM.


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