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Subaru Diesel ... Cool

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Check it out Subaru will be working on a launch for a Diesel Box-Engine.

Look at that torque it will be pushing, wow.

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Wow is right on the torque rating. I can't help thinking about the stress on the all-wheel drive componants.
I think the VW TDI pushes the same, or more torque than that.
But it's not all wheel drive like the subie nor does it have as good as a chassis as the subie.

I don't like Subies.
eh ... the new ones are actually pretty cool looking. but yeah ... in terms of awesome 2 cylinder rally style cars,,, I like the New RS Focus and Evo.

I got to drive a WRX wagon with a tune and suspension work for a run at an auto-x and I have to admit I was impressed.
They can be surprising. You should try driving a stock Evo on the track ... those definitely make you think about another car ........ or better set up for the SVT.

Subies around here are driven by granola eating, tree hugging elitist anal retentive pricks.
Sorry to hear that ... those kind of people aren't too bad though ...

Here in TX ... those who drive Subies love the twisties and turns around cones and on well set tracks.

Besides Miatas, Subies are one of the more popular brands at our events.
Interesting ... here in TX we get alot of Lotus's and Evos

I like it, but is it coming to the USA, or just Europe?
Does anything with a Good Diesel Engine ... besides the attempt with the Diesel VW ... make it on US Soil? ? ?

My guess would be a No on this car here ... but it would be cool to have.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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