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I recently upgraded to SYNC 4.6 (GG1T-14D544-AB) and since then Siri and other iPhone functions no longer work such as voice cut in from Google maps etc. These functions worked prior to the upgrade and I have not changed/touched my iPhone.

I have searched many forums and it appears to best thing is to roll SYNC back to a previous version. Siri and everything else was working fine with SYNC 4.3 (EJ5T-14D544-AA) - PLEASE PLEASE, can I get a copy of the older version of SYNC to install - or do you know who I can contact to get old of an older version?

I have done all the troubleshooting possible, including master reset and re-pairing the iPhone. Tried other iPhones too. It worked before the upgrade so just want to try and put back the older version of SYNC. Other forums have indicated similar problems with the upgrade and the fix was to roll back the new versiom of SYC 4.6. There must be a copy somewhere?
Thanks again and if any one can help out, that would be great.
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