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The fiesta Movement forum ...

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Is that forum just plain popping up every single Post the Agents Post? ? ?

It is an insane part of the site ...

Will it affect the server? ? ? Just looking into the wellness of the site for the future.

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Can't they just put it all in one thread?
That forum is being automatically populated with the latest information from the fiestamovement site.
Well. it's very cluttered.
So Tom ... is it using the FiestaMovement Server and we are just reading the code from there ... or is it taking up room here as well ...?

898 threads now! They just keep popping up.
I know ... and it's too bad what we post in there doesn't pop up for them ...

Then it would be cool to talk to the Agents through here.

Yeah, I replied a couple times in that area, but realized that nobody would ever see it.

I would like to see some of the Agents join here and respond to comments if need be.
I'm certainly not going to be "twittering" any time in the near future.
Tom, is there any way to not have the Fiesta Movement threads show up in the "New Posts" search?
Kind of clutters things up when 9 out of 10 new posts are from the Fiesta Movement area, and nobody is going to respond to them anyway.
^^ I agree ^^

I'm sure at some point the FiestaMovement machine will grind to a stop
I'm sure at some point the FiestaMovement machine will grind to a stop
Yea, once the fiesta movement is over (its only for 6 months) I assume that the automatic flowing of info will stop. What I think should be done with that section of the forum and what I thought it was in the first place, would for it to be a place where Fiesta Movement Agents came and talked to us about the Fiesta. Maybe it should just become a place for when people get a Fiesta that is where they tell their reviews about it for other people to see. It would be a good thing for people who are looking to buy a Fiesta and instead of going into the general chat section and searching for posts they can just go there.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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