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This is what I want to do without Focus Fanatics

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Hi Christopher.... I do hope you didn't do that to your fofo. LOL.

ANYWAY. Too late, I've seen this a while ago. funny nonetheless...... but I wonder what the other people were thinking. LOL.

edit: btw get with the program...... [;)]
That's about the most fun I've had all day!
OMG LMFAO i want an iphone now just for that app. god that made my day. so funny....
Now that was funny! OMG LOL Poor Kevin got issues. [?|]
I love how he talking to himself completly like he was for real.
i had to watch it again, too funny lol
i like the end where he kinda giggles. that cracks me up
That was awesome ... I need to get that app ... just plain awesome.

I liked when he looked a the camera and then shot himself. ... and also when the car cut him off ... HAHAHAHA

He can put the gun back in the holster, was just on FocusFanatics and made some posts.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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