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I saw a lot of amazing places and people during my road trip from Seattle, WA to San DIego, CA and back.. But it was my fellow road travelers that left a lasting impression.

This is for the road traveler.

To The Man Picking His Nose: You passed me going 80 on the highway one hand on the wheel and the other rummaging in your nose like a dog digging for a bone. I will never know if you found what you’re looking for. And I’m okay with that.

To The Emo Fast Lane Texter: More than anything you’re talented. You have an amazing ability to share focus with your phone, pass people at insane speeds and, for the most part, still stay within the lines. If I had a death wish, I’d be texting to.

To The Refuse To Budge:Â*I think you must have control issues, why else would you insist on leading a line of cars that are hating on you for your lack of road awareness.. and speed.Â*You feel life in the fast lane is your right, I get that. Well I have the right to imagine your car exploding into tiny little bits and soaring off into the sunset through your smoke. *evil laugh

To The 48Â*1/2 Road Kill Raccoons, Deer and Possums:Â*You’re road travelers too, gosh darn it. It was you’re furry carcasses that were the constant reminder just how brief life on the road can be. I slowed down in your honor on many a corner. R.I.P.

To The Man In The Fast White Car: Ours was a brief road love affair, you parted the path of Refuse To Budgers and I followed. I imagined you were 007 on an important mission to save Road Kill. You speed past the Emo Texter at insane speeds only to leave me in the dust with the Nose Picker. I miss you.

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