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Top Gear Showcases New Fiesta

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Top Gear Showcases New Fiesta, good for a smile[:D]:
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This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by BBC Worldwide Ltd..
Those bastards!
Damn I wish I could just work with Top gear, it just looks like they have SO MUCH DAMN FUN!!

BTW I want my POWAS.
I would honestly like to see proof Top Gear loses money by me watching an episode of their show on youtube.
If you notice, the second video I posted has a Top Gear add next to it.
I know that, however, I just don't get all the old stuff that gets pulled off youtube.
Maybe they want you to buy the DVD.
I hope they don't hold their breath!
Its copyright laws to intellectual property. I get it, but they just take it too far sometimes.

Good of their best.
You know I saw something that said the would stop showin Top Gear in the US but just yesterday I saw two episodes on BBC.
YouTube never used to have that problem until Google bought em...
^^ Really? ...Hmmmm. cause you know, we just ain't rich enough...more more more.
good video. and yeah never seen so many problems with youtube until google bought them, wonder what google is looking at in up forum websites?
You know I have sent them emails on getting some DVDs ... and they keep telling me that I can't play their region DVDs here .... well I own an All Region DVD player, silly willies.

Ah ... Top gear is just great ... the YouTube stuff doesn't even show all the parts of any of the episodes. They cut it down for the time YouTube Allows. Boo.

I am a big fan of the Challenges they do. And this Fiesta Test was just plain Epic.

i saw that a while ago. i love the chase thru the mall
Good stuff! I guess you don't have to worry about hydro locking the Fiesta.
^^ The water did get into the car ... but they don't showed that in the Top Gear Film boo ^^

1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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