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top speed not being achieved

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I have a ford fiesta 1.2 style it will only go upto 70 miles per hour ans it is very sluggish, it had not used to be have you any ideas what it might be, i had this problem for about 6 weeks, i have just had it serviced but i still have same problem, any ideas please
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We don't have that car here in the US...But I would check the fuel filter first...Also, have the plugs been changed ? Also, check the air cleaner.
I'll 2nd the suggestion on checking/replacing the fuel filter.
If possible, have the fuel pump checked for proper pressure.
Maybe it's getting a bit worn out.

Is the CEL (Check Engine Light) on?
Do you have a code reader available?
If so, hook one up and see if any fault codes are stored.
I also say fuel filter ... that happened to my SVT Focus recently ... (Um ... your ST170).

I would recommend taking it to another shop too ... because the shop you did take it too ... should have suggested a few ideas to check into.

Do you have catalitic converters there? I had one plug so bad the car wouldn't do 55mph.
Find anything Hello?? Keep us up to date, I'm curious what you find. With a diesel I'm still betting fuel pressure is off.
check your catalic converter my zx3 had the same problem couldnt go past 50mph and wouldnt even rev past 3.5k
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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