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Â*Â*Â* Like trying to find that sweet spot between the clutch and the gas, letting up slowly on one to push forward on the other. On the starting line of the rest of your life... you rev the engine just slightly, dreaming with so much giddy excitement that you nearly forget to keep your hands on the wheel. Before you know it, you’re in fifth gear, with nothing but pictures as a rear view mirror.

Â*Â*Â* The house is empty tonight.Â*

Â*Â*Â* Empty bottles of wine sit in the recycling bin. Curtains and shower cloths have been stowed away. There’s half a block of blue cheese in the fridge and one popsicle in the freezer. Three missed calls from the new tenants, wondering if they can move in early and whether the AC is central or unit-based.

Â*Â*Â* A to-do list on the counter: Call Maids.Â*Â*Â*

Â*Â*Â* For three years, Georgetown has been home. The neighborhood to come back to after trips abroad, web conferences, walks on the waterfront and happy hours in Dupont. The small corner of D.C. where you run into friends on a Hilltop campus or fight for seats at Saxby’s. The shaded escape from reality, where dreams are endless and obstacles non-existent. A refuge of academia mixed with family-subsidized elite living. In one week, it will be M Street again - a night out on the town, a celebratory occasion, a nostalgic visit. But not home.

Â*Â*Â* It took me two hours to learn stick. Something tells me this life thing might take a little longer to get down.

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