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Remember that free car? Remember when I said it got stolen? Remember when we thought the NYPD was holding it without properly putting it into the system so it could be retrieved? Turns out the shocking reveal isn't so shocking at all. I parked it in a tow-away zone… and I guess we (that is, just about everyone involved excluding the NYPD) had the wrong plate number all along. And not by a little bit.

Anyway, each month me and the car get a Ford-sponsored mission. This months, "Up, Up, and Away," was travel themed and was meant to involve my taking a hot-air balloon ride. Only, as we now know, the car did some travel of it's own. "Up, Up, and Away" indeed. The video below tells the story… kind of (bear with me, I had to make something from nothing).

A special thanks to the NY Post who came out and took some pictures when we thought the car was stolen (and being tracked via GPS), and Fox 5 who sent a helicopter over the impound to confirm the location of the car then sent a hidden camera in with me when we thought the NYPD was holding it without putting it into the system properly. The MVP award however goes to Gothamist who not only contacted the authorities (same as all the other news outlets and people involved) but were able to actually figure out that we had the wrong plate number, get the right plate number (honestly, that bit's amazing, again we were more than a few digits off the whole time), and send me an email letting me know the car was now free for pick-up. Big tip of the hat. Big.

LINK: Fiestamovement.


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