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Video of HDR pics of my Panther Black Fiesta!

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This was from one of my earlier missions, but I liked it the most of my mission videos and I thought it would fit well here. Enjoy!

Mark Kleis
Agent 67 [headbang]
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HDR is just plain awesome ... but it is also a bit time consuming ... I just don't have the time to get great shots like that.

That is a really cool video, especially considering it's all "still" shots.
Did you use Adobe Premier for the video production?

Is that where you take 3 shots of the same thing at different exposures?
I can do that with my camera (bracketing) but haven't experimented with it very much.
^^ Yes HDR is exactly that Doug.

High Dynamic Range - is pretty much were you set a tripod and camera up. And change the EV Settings (Exposure Values) on the camera.

3 pics is the average ... but if you want some more contrast or even sometimes more detail. Some people even do up to 5 pics.

If some of you are scratching your head of how a camera does this ... you need to first have a camera with a bit of manual control. SLRs for instance.

Then you set the Shutter speed and Aperture constant and adjust the EV settings. You need at least a shot at Normal (0 EV) and one shot at -3 EV and one shot at +3 EV.

Then with some nice software ... merge them together.

That works for basic ... then a bit of tweaking in the software and VOILA ... High Quality HDR

I don't do this much ... becuase it takes time ... and my photography is always on the go and the studio. ... sadly.

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Thanks for the info!
I'll have to play with that a bit more then.
Manual settings are no problem on my camera, and as mentioned,
I can set it to "bracket" and it will take 3 pictures within a second at 3 different exposures that I set up.

I'm sure my PhotoShop-CS would work for the post processing, but I take it you have to mask off the areas you don't want from each image?
Gotta be a tutorial online somewhere....
MarkKleis; Any help?

Here you go Doug ... and it explains how it works in more detail too.

Photoshop has a good Automated way of doing it.

Thank you very much!
Gonna have to play around with it a bit.
Hey Doug ... what type of Camera are you shooting with??

Nice man.

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