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VIDEO Review: European-spec Ford Fiesta

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The US auto industry has traditionally been a market for large cars, trucks and SUVs. High fuel prices and increasingly strict emissions regulations have made smaller, more efficient models a must-have for any OEM, but not every automaker has a B-Segment entry, including Ford.

That changes next spring, of course, when the 2011 Ford Fiesta comes stateside, and Dearborn is hoping to attract young buyers who won't mind paying a premium for good looks and high-end equipment. Since it'll be months before we'll be able to get our hands on the US-spec Fiesta, we tried out the European model for a weekend. Does the Fiesta have what it takes for Ford to turn the B-Segment on its ear? Follow the jump to find out. You can also read our full review by clicking here.

Gallery: Review: 2010 Ford Fiesta (Euro-Spec)

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VIDEO Review: European-spec Ford Fiesta originally appeared on Autoblog on Sat, 18 Jul 2009 19:56:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Thanks! Just keep teasing us and making us MORE impatient!
Thanks! Just keep teasing us and making us MORE impatient!
Yea seriously.....I'm hoping in a few months we will see the US spec fiesta. What it looks like and how watered down they make it will determine whether I get one over a Focus or any other car.
Looks promising, if , as stated above, they don't change much bringing it here.
I really hope Ford can somehow extend the front and rear end without messing up the styling to much. The best thing would be if they didnt have to change the sheet metal at all and just put different crash foam or something, like theres enough room underneathe. But what I'm afraid of is you see on the front bumper, those horizontal creases that flare up beneth the headlights, I feel like those will be the point of modification and you'll see it pushed out from there.
Interesting Review ... I didn't like his comment about the arm rest ... but hey everyone is different.

Not havin the Armrest in my SVT keeps my elbow from hitting a rest like in the Standard Earlier model ZX3. Yeah I hit it ...

Anyways ... good review overall and funny that they peeled it out.

I like my arm rest.
^^ That means you aren't driven Aggressive enough ... to much time to relax the arm ... [|)]

J/K [:p]

BAH! That's where my arm rests while my hand in on the shift knob, and my hand is on the knob over 95% of the time.
Lack of arm rest would not be a reason not to buy a car for me.
I didn't say that. My '93 Escort GT didn't have an arm rest. It's just a nice extra.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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