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What are you doing this weekend?

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Nice weather is here with shows and cruise nights everywhere. Do you have any plans this weekend?
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Had several events I wanted to attend, but mother nature (rain) had other ideas. Any of y'all get out?
With retirement coming soon and the wife and I downsizing to move into a cabin in the Texas hill country. Years ago it was agreed by my four sons my mustang that I've had from new would go to the youngest, if you call his current age of 39 young. Anyway he's coming down Wednesday to take back to his house. Mixed feelings, this was the first car I ever drove, got my license in it, took my wife to hospital to have our first son, etc. Well you get the picture. It will be where I can still drive it when I want, just not in my garage, it's time to make this happen. Currently car has a 500 HP, 351w stroked to 393, plus all the goodies to make it right. Here's a few pictures of bike and mustang together for the last time under my roof.



Took the mustang out for last time to try to get some descent video, wrong. First, no traction on street. Tried 1st, then 2nd and then 3rd roll ons. No go, just spin. Was afraid of that. If you listen you can hear tires spinning in background. But hopefully you get the general idea that this is one really fun street car. Had the camera taped to passenger seat, got a lot of vibration. Had a fun last day out with old girl.

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Wow, beautiful car Les. That is a big deal letting it go. You need to visit it from time to time.
I did visit it Thanksgiving weekend, we left my sons garage door open after I pulled my bike in. He lives on a dirt road and they both got covered in dust. If you look, the stock hood is behind the car and he put some of the car's trophies up on the wall.

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In Houston the Cars and Coffee events are starting back up
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How about in your area? Post them here and maybe some one will see it and make plans to go.
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Up here in Maine it's long johns and hot chocolate.
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Friday night I was going with a friend to do some testing at Houston Raceway Park, 1/4 mile. They cancelled Test and Tune Night due cold weather. This was going to be the maiden run on a motor I did some time ago. Not a Ford but still cool. I think it turned out pretty well.

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I've got 2-3" of solid ice on my driveway right now and it's too cold for salt to be able to work. I can't imagine how cold it is there.

Nice clean engine and sounds great. What kind of GM is it?
It was 34 degrees here. That's cold enough down here to shut down about anything. That's a 455 in a Cutlass. Actually it was a nice build. Parts are expensive on it. It was a flood car that I rebuilt on the side. Gotta love my fender cover.

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Mold had started to grow on top of engine.

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Mud in intake valley.

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Then pulled head and found this:

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Owner was very pleased with outcome.
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yikes! good thing you got to it

that's a nice looking ride
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