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Will the Fiesta Movement be successful?

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What do you guys think? Are they really generating a lot of interest and consideration among people who wouldn't otherwise be interested in this car or do you think it's just exciting to us Ford enthusiasts? It is a cool idea but I'm not too sure a lot of people even know about the Fiesta Movement or care. I want this car and Ford's future cars to be successful so bad so that people can start to get over their presumptions about Ford cars.
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I think its an excellent marketing idea. Basically using the internet to drum up interest for the new Fiesta.
i think whoever thought of it is a marketing GENIUS... ford the first to use Twitter as a main advertiser... all of the agents have a twitter and facebook account... twitter is allowing people to follow the agents pretty much 24/7... the person/ team who came up with this idea are using social networking to its best! i applaud the team who came up with this, and YES i think it will be widely successful
I agree but Ford will still have to put out a TV commercial hyping the Movement for those who don't frequent a computer at all.
I think the fiesta will catch on quite well ... I have watched quite a few youtube casts of some the "Agents" and alot of the comments are positive about the new Fiesta.

I definitely see a college campus swarming Fiestas.

I think it's great!
It's fun reading about who all was picked:
i think the only thing they could do to improve is hit the college market more... have agents go to a college campus and give out test drives... nothing better then hitting up a bunch of 20somethings who are going to be graduating and needing new cars to get to work...
Yes I you guys remeber how long everyone on Focus Fanatics was complaining how Ford was not considering its consumers wants and how out of touch they were with the public.

THIS IS LIKE THE TOTAL OPPOSITE THINKING NOW. What other company has done something like this? Its so amazing.
It's definitely the best way to target young people.
Yep, ya gotta give props to whomever came up with this idea.
I wonder if they dropped their old design crew for a fresh new one?

I think it's great!
It's fun reading about who all was picked:
Damn, there's a handful of hotties that were picked[:)~]

I hope a hot chick in a fiesta swings by my house to pick me up for a test drive lol[}:)]
i think its working pretty well.... how many of you on here have mentioned the new fiesta to at least 1 or 2 people that didn't know it was be re-released yet?
I know I have brought attention to the car to quite a few of my friends who are looking for gas savers in the next year or so.

I know I've mentioned the new model to a few people as well.
This has got to be one of the best planned marketing schemes by Ford in a LONG time. [;)]
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