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your stuff & junk thread

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so, you got stuff & junk on your mind, and you want to just let it out sometimes? please do share.

sure, you could tell your significant other, or anyone who is close to you, but sometimes it's just easier and simpler to do it on a forum. who knows why that's true, but sometimes, just sometimes, it is.

i'm missing a friend. i've known him for over 5 years now. we've written to each other for that long, as well as talking for hours-on-end on the phone. he's been such a special person in my life who has opened up a whole new world to me. he has such an outlook on life that i never thought possible.

but i suppose i screwed things up because i was too much, and asked too much of him.

my life has been a crazy ride this past year, my husband lost his job after 22 years, and we almost had to foreclose on our house..and there's plenty more. but now we're doing fairly well again and we have some happiness.
all i want is to share that happiness with my friend, instead of always bitching to him about my problems. but the sad thing is that he's not speaking to me now.
i wish i could get him back because he's been such a wonderful person to share my thoughts with.
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i have stuff on my mind, but i am a rather private person.

i do wish you luck with your friend though.
i have stuff on my mind, but i am a rather private person.

i do wish you luck with your friend though.
thank you jordan, i really hope i can talk to him again soon. this has been rather difficult.

i'm sure you have things on your mind as well. and i know it's not easy to share sometimes. believe me, i understand that so very well.
but hey, if you want to pm me, then feel free to do so. a lot of ff people have, just to vent a bit and maybe ask for advice. i'm old ya know. [hihi]
yay!!! a junk!!! i love those things! [woot]
^^ that's alot of junk .... but interesting junk ...

Very Vintage looking junk too ... actually pretty neat.

let's see...i'll take that red phone, those two tone shoes, and that dylan album.
who wouldn't take the dylan album. ... I might have to pick up that guitar from you as well.

and you'd probably look real dashing in that fedora. [thumb]
Ah yes ... didn't see the Fedora ... but I would sport it.

and you can use that 'silpat' to make some yummy cookies without burning them.
Seems like you were it for junk ... I might have to take some pics at home and pile some junk to together.

I'd take a picture of my work shop but I'm too embarassed.
I just got stuff on my junk...[eek]
A gentleman never tells.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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